About Us

Hello, I’m Kymona Tracey. Who am I, you ask? I am a women who never slows down and loves it. Yes... I am the energizer bunny's sister! I just keep going and going. I am a single mother of two wonderful children who are 8 years apart. My 21 year old son is a true self-made jock who plays every sport you can think of! He is off at college learning how to be independent. My 12 year old daughter is a real life princess who loves anything crafty and girly and absolutely hates anything related to sports. Talk about yin and yang! ...but I love it!!
Besides running from one activity to another with them, I work full time at a hospital (public health background), facilitate a reading group at work, teach high school students on the weekends and have a huge love of learning new things.
Papercrafting has been my world for the past 14 years. Things changed for me two years ago when my daughter and I took a couple of sewing classes at the Pinners Conference in Atlanta. I instantly fell in love with fabric and the sewing machine.
I love the feeling of creating handmade items that someone will call their own.